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Choosing a New Garage Door

May 30, 2013

Choosing a new Garage Door is a big purchasing decision since most garage doors, if well-maintained, will last for years. So how do you know how to select the right new garage door for your home? Here are some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind:


Opening Size

This is basic – but very important! How big is the available opening for your new garage door? Measure the width and height of your garage door opening to make sure you’re looking at the right size for your garage.


Headroom / Sideroom / Backroom

These are some of the important “extra” measurements you’ll need to know. The Headroom is the distance from the top of the garage door to the ceiling or other obstruction above the garage door. The Sideroom is the distance from the left and right edges of your garage door opening to the wall or other obstruction. The Backroom is the distance from the header (the area on the interior of the garage, just above the garage door opening) to the back wall or other obstruction.


Door Appearance

This is an important one – you want your new garage door to look great and add curb appeal to your home! Choose a style and color that compliment your home, and consider a model with windows to add beauty as well as some natural light into your garage.


Garage Door Options

Consider whether you will want a center or side lock on your new garage door, what type of spring option you’re looking for (torsion or extension – we  recommend torsion), and other issues related to the function of your new garage door.


Track Configuration

You will need to know the appropriate track configuration for your space – whether you will want a 15” radius (which is standard), a 12” radius, a hi-lift option (which goes up to 36” on residential doors), a vertical lift, or other option. If you can’t tell what type of track configuration is needed for your new garage door, consult a professional.


Your new garage door installation is a big decision – these are just some of the variables you’ll need to consider. Consult with a garage door installation professional to make sure you’re getting the garage door you need, and that it is being installed by a trained garage door technician so that it meets safety standards. If you are located in Michigan’s Metro-Detroit region, call Mammoth Door today to let our years of experience work for you and your garage door installation.

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