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Common Garage Door Issues – And Solutions!. Mammoth Door.

Common Garage Door Issues – And Solutions!

July 21, 2013

Issue: My garage door makes squeaking noises when it opens or closes

Solution: Try using a lubricant specifically formulated for garage doors on your springs, rollers, and hinges. All of these “moving parts” can cause noise or squeaking – just be careful that you don’t lubricate the track! If this doesn’t fix the noise issue for you, call a garage door professional to take a look at it and rule out any other issues.

Issue: My garage door cable shows signs of fraying

Solution: Call a garage door professional immediately! This is potentially a very serious problem – since your garage door operates on springs and cables with high tension, trying to fix a cable or springs yourself can cause serious injury. Always let a garage door professional handle issues with your cable or springs.

Issue: My garage door opens with loud noises or in an irregular, bumpy motion

Solution: If you are having trouble with your garage door not raising and lowering in a smooth motion, you are probably due for some maintenance. Your balance may be off, your springs may need to be tightened, there are several factors that could be causing your problem – and most of them are easy for a professional garage door dealer to fix! Call your local garage door company to schedule a service checkup to get things tuned up and running smoothly again.

Issue: My garage door doesn’t open when I use push my garage door remote’s button

Solution: The first thing you want to do is to push the button in your garage – does the garage door perform normally using that button? If so, then you know that the problem is with your remote.  Sometimes the issue is simply that it needs new batteries! If the garage door doesn’t operate correctly when using the button inside your garage, or if new batteries haven’t fixed your remote, you should call your local door dealer to set up a service call. They will be able to troubleshoot issues such as alignment, springs, and more.

Issue: When I try to close my garage door, it goes down most of the way but then reverses back into open position

Solution: There is likely something in the way of your door’s closing properly. Check to make sure that the area under the door is clear of obstacles that could be triggering the door to reverse. Also check that there isn’t anything blocking the photo eye sensors and that they are correctly aligned. Give the bottom edge of your garage door a quick look, as well – sometimes it can have a leaf or other debris stuck to it that trips the photo eye sensors and causes the door to reverse back to open.

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