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The Benefits of a New Garage Door. Mammoth Door.

The Benefits of a New Garage Door

May 23, 2014

Benefits of a New Garage Door from Mammoth DoorWhen did you last replace your garage door? When you first moved in? Never? If you’re like many homeowners, chances are you’ve still got the same garage door(s) that were on the house when you moved in, or it has been so long since you replaced it that it no longer functions smoothly and looks worn out. In addition to improving the overall appearance of your home, there are a variety of other benefits to getting a new garage door:


Improved Security

While appearance is certainly a big factor, the security of your home is even more important. Older garage doors are easier to break into; especially those made out of light wood (which can weaken further over time) and even metal ones without insulation. Most new garage door models now use advanced locking systems that are difficult to hack. Additionally, a well-fitted garage door makes it more challenging for intruders to wedge it open for entry.


Better Durability

Going along with security is greater durability. Garage doors installed in previous decades are notoriously poorly insulated (in fact, many lack it entirely). If your garage door is made out of wood, you may find that it is warped or damaged thanks to years of exposure to the elements. Modern doors come with layering options for better insulation, soundproofing, and endurance through all kinds of weather. And if your garage is attached to your house, a new garage door can actually help lower the heating and cooling costs of your home in general.


Added Personal Safety

The rise of automatic garage doors has greatly reduced personal safety hazards, but it is important to make sure it has up-to-date photoelectric detectors. This means that the garage door will automatically stop and open if anything is detected below it, preventing injury to you and anyone else walking into your garage.


Increased Home Value

As with most other home improvements, getting a new garage door can up your home’s value on the real estate market. Whether you’re looking to sell now or in the distant future, you’ll attract more buyers with a quality garage door that looks appealing and is low maintenance. With it, you’ll also be able to price your house at a higher rate.


More Use of Your Garage

Many garages become ovens in the summer and freezers in the winter, so using them as productive spaces is not always feasible. But installing a properly insulated and sealed door can create a far more comfortable environment in your garage that is suitable for a workroom, rec room, play area for your kids, etc. You can also store more belongings in there without worrying about them being affected by extreme or fluctuating temperatures.


Less Maintenance

Even if your old door functions well, how does it look? Is the paint peeling? Is there rust? Getting a door made out of steel, fiberglass, or even a quality, sealed wood means less maintenance on your part. Over time, your new garage door will pay for itself.

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