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As a family-owned company, we care about the quality of work Sterling Heights receives when their garage doors are concerned. A residential garage door can weigh hundreds of pounds and is the largest moving mechanical part of your home. You need to be sure the garage door company you trust executes their services safely and accurately. Mammoth Door values our customers and wants to be the dependable garage door company you can call for expert installations, quick repairs, and reliable maintenance.

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Garage Door Installation

Choosing a garage door or opener can be a hassle. Garage doors come with many decisions to make about the brand, style, finish, and window type that best matches your home and increases curb appeal. With door openers, new smart features are constantly being developed. Our well-educated team will keep you on track to finding the right door or opener that meets your requirements while staying budget friendly. We partner with industry leading manufactures and provide detail-oriented installations to match the high-quality products in which you’re inventing.

Begin visualizing your garage door through our HaasCreate program or visit our Waterford showroom. After you see our work, you’ll be surprised you didn’t upgrade sooner!

Garage Door Service and Repair

Never settle for a door opener that has a delayed response or a garage door that shakes the house when operating. Mammoth Door offers Sterling Heights same day repair and 24/7 emergency services. We know you have places to be, so our expert technicians will promptly fix any make or model of garage door and opener whether it’s a complex repair or as simple as replacing a broken spring. Working with Mammoth Door is risk-free. We do not charge customers any fee if we are unable to repair your door or open. Our garage door services are as honest and simple as that.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Every garage door is attached to the frame with the help of a number of springs. However, these springs can become worn after an extended period of use. Some things this can result in include the springs rusting or breaking which will result in the door becoming inoperable as it will no longer be possible to open or close a door with broken or excessively rusted springs. A qualified technician would be able to inspect the springs to lubricate and repair the damaged ones in most cases. However, it may transpire that these springs are beyond repair and must be completely replaced instead. But even if your garage door spring snapped, there is no need to worry because the experts at Mammoth Garage Doors can repair and replace garage door springs daily in Sterling Heights MI and we replace the broken springs on the spot.

Garage Door Repair Vs Garage Door Replacement: Which Should You Choose?

Are you having problems with your garage door in Sterling Heights MI? It can become difficult at times for homeowners to know whether their garage door needs to be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. This will depend on many factors involving functionality and the level and damage to your garage door. The first step to determining whether your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced is to know the root cause of the problem.

When is the best time to repair your garage door?

Garage door repairs in Sterling Heights MI will likely be needed in minor situations such as slamming doors, drafty doors, or loud noises coming from your garage doors. One common problem many homeowners face with their garage door is that it unexpectedly stops working. This is also a situation that will require repair and can be fixed very quickly.

Having problems with your garage door panels? This problem can also be quickly repaired and is easy to fix. If your garage doors don't completely open or shut, there could be a problem with the springs, and this is another situation that will require repair. Any form of warping, cracking, or light damage from wear-and-tear are tell-tale signs that your garage door will require repair rather than a complete replacement.

When is the best time to replace your garage door?

There are cases where garage doors become severely damaged to the point where they need to be completely replaced. You will likely need to replace your garage door is there is a problem with your garage door opener, safety sensor, or other parts of your garage door that still won't work properly after constant repairs. Garage doors can also become damaged beyond repair by weather (rain or heavy snow) or being worn out by age if you've had it for at least 10 years or more.

However, for some people who plan on selling or renting their home, they will sometimes replace their functional garage door altogether for aesthetic reasons - simply because the garage door is old, non-appealing, or doesn't look good enough to market. Either way, replacing your garage door is a solid investment that will instantly boost the value of your home.

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